What happens when a touring DJ/Remixer/Producer with over 20 years of professional dancefloor experience with a repertoire covering six different and distinct dance genres creates an alter-ego specifically for techno, and its sub-genres? The result is ERTÖNEN! Although the alter-ego is relatively young, the DJ behind the name is not.

Born and raised in London, and now resident in Germany since 2013, ERTÖNEN is a classically trained musician. With over 11 years of piano, five years of music theory, three years of violin experience, it is easy to hear the classical musician behind the DJ equipment.

Beginning his first resident nights on vinyl in 1996, the sheer length of his career alone is a testament to his commitment that has never wavered; to bring the best musical experiences to dancefloors regardless of genre, worldwide on what his now considered a continuous global tour, with his home in Germany as the base where his studio is.

During these first two decades, ERTÖNEN covered six different dance styles across house music. As time passed, more genres were added and a signature style became less immediately apparent. Adding more genres to his name would begin to confuse his fan base.

The resurgence of techno coincided with his move to Germany in 2013, and it became clear that adding yet another genre would really start to confuse his fan base. So, ERTÖNEN was created as the solution: a new DJ brand artist name on a DJ with a long-standing, non-stop, globally touring career and reputation, working with a separate set of musical labels and genres: techno, minimal techno, tech-house, and of course Berlin-style techno, a particularly rhythmic, deep, industrial style that is very much in vogue at the moment, and strangely performed almost exclusively by DJs resident in Berlin.

Highlights of the last two years include live appearances in London, Berlin Seattle and Montreal, and in summer 2017 releasing tech-house remixes also for NYC artist collective Grapefruit Sound Lab worldwide on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Beatport.